BOOK TALK TUESDAYS begins October 16th!

Find out who I will be interveiwing on October 16th!


3 Replies to “BOOK TALK TUESDAYS begins October 16th!”

  1. Joelle, lol, I almost made it to Venice on my two weeks Rest & Recreation leave, but had to come back to the States instead due to family issues. Oh well. Someday. Since you’ve been there I might have to interview for a first-hand account about Carnivale – background for another writing I’m doing.

    1. Anytime, Stan. Although I wasn’t there long, it was a most amazing visit. Strange as it may seem, as the train pulled into the station, we were looking out the window, trying to figure out what the weirdly costumed processions, weaving in and out of the people on the crowded platform, was all about. Only by sheer luck did we arrive from Switzerland to Venice during Carnivale!

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