Master of Deception – Why People Lie

At some point in our lives we’ve all done it—told a lie. According to studies, 12% of adults admit they have lied sometimes. I’m guessing the number is much higher.

For most, we justify a lie in hopes of putting our conscience at ease, to push a gagging guilt or issue to the back of our minds.

So why do people lie in relationships?

They cheat and need a way to hide the fact.

They lie to hide the truth about themselves or about something in their past.

They don’t want to deal with drama with their partner over an issue in the relationship.

And what about the people who lie in the workplace? Certainly, the desire to get ahead of their co-workers will cause people to become skilled ‘storytellers’. Some people lie to avoid work responsibility or for financial gain. Some lie to discredit a colleague in hopes of making themselves look good.

People will also lie to themselves and justify the lie to internalize the fabrication and even end up believing the lie. Denial at times…is much better than the harsh truth.

Of course there are pathological liars. These people do not value honesty. They don’t believe it’s bad to lie. If they’re caught in a lie, they become very defensive and will even get defensive and uncomfortable if you ask a seemingly innocent question. They don’t like to feel threatened and have no remorse when they do lie.

In some cases, people “stretch the truth” for other reasons—not necessarily in a negative way, such as, having to control a situation.

In REFLECTION, Blake Neely (aka Blake Barnett) is a master of deception. It’s part of his job. As a veteran undercover FBI agent, Blake must manipulate the truth in order to protect himself, and his cover. He lies not only in hopes of nailing the villain but to ensure the well-being of a person, a small child—the world’s first cloned human.


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6 thoughts on “Master of Deception – Why People Lie

  1. I lie,not biggies, of course. We know we all do it. Sometimes it’s really necessary.

    When I was a teenager, I had a very close friend. And naturally to get out of the, ahem, things we shouldn’t be doing, we had a motto. “You lie, I’ll swear to it.”
    What a friend! lol.

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