Let the Zynging begin! Zyng Books app on Google Play – Get it! Use it! It’s Free!

If you’re an avid reader, love books and have an Android device running (4.1 and up) you can download a great new app, Zyng Books!

“Our purpose at Zyng Books is to give you back the gift of reading. We believe in connecting differently and our aim is to find the time that’s hidden in your busy day. The way we do this is to ZYNG books to your personal library via our mobile app and through our website. We connect you with our authors and their amazing stories that you’ll want to share and discuss with your friends. So whether you’re traveling by air, commuting to work, heading to the gym, lounging at the pool or hanging at the coffee shop, we have the books that allow you to once again enjoy and explore your passion for reading.”

cool“Let the Zynging begin. An Android phone and a bit of imagination are all that’s needed to experience the joy of reading all over again….”

Attention Authors! Zyng Books is accepting book submissions mainly in the following genres: Historical fiction, Non-fiction, and Humor.

Zyng Books “app and its clever technology may change the way we buy and read books”. It’s very cool! Check it out and spread the word!
Zyng on Facebook
Zyng Zones
Zyng Web site

8 thoughts on “Let the Zynging begin! Zyng Books app on Google Play – Get it! Use it! It’s Free!

  1. I downloaded the app to my tablet and I’ll check it out. I love reading and read mostly sci-fi, fantasy and tech or military thrillers. Thanks for the info in the app.

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