Wishing YOU A Happy New Year!


With the year coming to a close…2013 has been a mixture of happiness and one of loss.

On the happier side, I’ve accomplished a lot. I published REFLECTION, my debut novel in January and Lethal Journey on December 1st. I’m so proud of both books and can’t wait to continue on my writing journey.

REFLECTION is one of J. Hooligan’s Top Books of 2013 at One More Chapter! I am truly blessed. Make sure you check out all the fantastic books!

Lethal Journeyreflection125x188

I’ve written two True Crime stories for a new e-magazine, Serial Killer Quarterly from Grinning Man Press which releases in 2014.

Issue 1 -’21st Century Psychos’ will feature incredible articles by Katherine Ramsland (Israel Keyes), Michael Newton (The Beltway Snipers), Robert J. Hoshowsky (Sheila LaBarre), Kim Cresswell (Cody Legebokoff), Curtis Yateman (Russell Williams), Aaron Elliott (Alexander Pichushkin), and Lee Mellor (John Robinson).

On a personal level, 2013 has been a year of loss beginning with my ex-partner dying in April after losing his battle with throat cancer. I knew the day would come. I watched my mother die of cancer in 1989 so I knew what to expect and knew that dreaded day would come. And it did.

As an author, I can make anything happen on paper. I can cure cancer…I can save lives…I can save the world.

I wasn’t ready for him to go. Not because I was still in love with him, because I cared for him as a human being. I had watched him suffer, shared his turmoil knowing he was dying and experienced his courage.

Are we ever ready to lose someone we cared about?

So I took on far too much and ended up physically and emotionally burned out. Not a good thing to do when you have chronic pain, mainly Fibromyalgia and two years of unexplained MS-like symptoms.

I was poked, prodded and scanned in February. I’ve fought doctors for answers to my MS-like symptoms and haven’t gotten any closer to finding out what’s going on with me.


I woke up one morning in May and was unable to lift my left arm. It scared the hell out of me. It still scares me and has caused a lot of anxiety. Everyday has become a guessing game. Will I lose the use of another limb?

Again a battle began for answers and again no one has an answer.

In 2014, I will be having another MRI of my head and spine and an EMG on my arm and hopefully I will finally have a diagnosis.

So what are my goals for 2014?

Most importantly…I will pace myself. I will look after myself–first.

I will finish and publish the much anticipated sequel to REFLECTION.

I will publish REAL LIFE EVIL – A True Crime Quickie (Two true crime short stories).
Real Life EvilI will write one other book, a novella.

I will love, laugh and enjoy my time with my children and grandsons and with my present partner who I love with all my being…because you just never know what the future will bring.

Wishing my friends, family, fans, followers and reviewers a Happy 2014! Thank you for being in my life. 🙂 May all your dreams come true!

8 Replies to “Wishing YOU A Happy New Year!”

  1. Hi Kim – Firstly let me say that although I don’t celebrate Christmas or the new year, I wish you every good wish not just now but all year round. Like you this year as not been a good year for me. Healthwise I started the year with two months of radiotherapy. I saw my oncologist in October. he is happy enough and the cancer is under control, although I’m on injections (which I hate) every 12 weeks for at least another year. During the year I lost 4 members of my family – mu favourite uncle (not unexpected); my mother in September (Again not unexpected she was 94); my cousin aged 57 with a brain tumour; then worst of all in November my brother was killed in a traffic accident. Finding it all a bit of a struggle at present, but I do have a faith that we will see our departed loved ones once again, and that gives me some strength. I do hope that the coming year brings good news for both of us, and that there is turnaround in your health. Best wishes. John

    1. Thanks so much, John. Wow. You’ve been through a lot. I’m so sorry for the loss of so many in your life especially your brother 😦 I’m glad to hear your cancer is under control. I wish you improved health, happiness and success in 2014! Battle on my friend. 🙂 Wishing you the very best. 🙂

      1. Thank you Kim – I have to say there have been a lot of good wishes on FB from people who I shall probably never meet, but who I do consider as friends.

  2. Helo Kim. Some one said once, that he doesn’t think about the meaning of life, but he does look for a way to give his life a meaning. It seems, like you do it just right. Thanks for sharing your story, and while you envision your successful and blessed 2014, I wish you create it easily.
    Yuval Harpaz

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