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Winter 2014 – “21st Century Psychos” – Israel Keyes idolized Bundy and thought he had learned all the tricks to kill with impunity. Feature by Dr. Katherine Ramsland . Did you think the D.C Snipers did their deeds in just D.C? Michael Newton tells it from the beginning.

Check out my story, “Canada’s Killer Countryboy?”  which sheds light on clean-cut “country boy” Cody Legebokoff, who at the age of 21 was charged with the murders of four women in western Canada. Is his guilt a certainty, or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

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Spring 2014 – “Partners in Pain” – With feature stories by Cathy Scott, Carol Anne Davis and Dr. Katherine Ramsland.

Burke & Hare – Cathy Scott
Corll, Henley & Brooks – Dr. Katherine Ramsland
Clark & Bundy – Kim Cresswell
Lake & Ng – Robert J Hoshowsky
Duffy & Mulcahy – Carol Anne Davis
Bernardo & Homolka – Curtis Yateman
Golay & Rutterschmidt – Aaron Elliott

Summer 2014 – “Unsolved in America” – With feature stories by Harold Schechter and Michael Newton.

Fall 2014 – “Cruel Britannia” – With feature stories by Burl Barer, Dr. Katherine Ramsland and Carol Anne Davis.

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