Book News: 4-Book Deal With Crazy Maple Studios

BIG NEWS! About a month ago, I signed a 4-book deal with a US app company, Crazy Maple Studios, for the launch of their brand new #SCREAMapp for lovers of mystery, suspense, and horror books.

From their website: “Crazy Maple Studio was born in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2017. Our goal: to bring fictional stories to life.”

They also are the ones who brought you Chapters: Interactive Stories and the KISS app for romance readers. Don’t forget to check out KISS!

For readers who love suspense, mystery and horror, you can download the free SCREAM: Chills & Thrills app on Google Play and in the Apple Store.

Over the next few months, 4 of my titles will be launching, with more to come! Watch for another announcement later today! 🙂

I am thrilled and excited to be part of the launch of SCREAM! 

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