DAWN OF THE ENEMY (Raina Storm #2)


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In the exciting 2nd installment…

A lethal game of vengeance…

Waiting for things to cool off after eliminating an al Qaeda terrorist cell, Raina Storm, CIA’s deadliest operative is hidden in Bangkok with her daughter.

But when a Russian internet troll-farm wreaks havoc circulating rumors that Raina and her team killed the leader of Colombia’s largest drug trafficking organization, unexpected enemies surface. And a past adversary with a thirst for revenge is hell-bent on hunting down the team.

He won’t stop until he kills Raina Storm.

Read an excerpt from Dawn of the Enemy

A slug whistled past Raina’s head and thumped into a stack of broken wooden crates. She veered right and bolted, the soles of her leather sandals pounding the hot pavement.

Another pop. Then another.

She sprinted around a corner and spotted a large metal garbage bin ahead, outside the back door of a restaurant. She picked up her speed, determined to put some distance between her and her attackers.

A half a block later, her legs burned. Raina came to an abrupt stop, placed Jayden on the ground, and pulled her behind the bin. “I need you to stay right here.” She lowered her voice, almost to a whisper. “Stay very quiet, and don’t move even if you hear something really scary. Okay? Promise?”

Fear, confusion, and tears filled her daughter’s eyes. She nodded slowly and crouched, resting her small hands on her knees.

A dog barked. Aggressive car horns honked, the sound coming from the main street.

“Momma will be right back.” Raina dropped her shoulder bag next to her daughter then ran back in the direction of her attackers. She flattened her body against one of the buildings and waited.

The men had guts, unloading their weapons in broad daylight, especially in such a busy tourist area surrounded by majestic religious temples. They even had more guts, thinking they could get away with scaring her daughter.

She swiped the sweat from her eyes. This was the last thing she wanted to do in front of Jayden, but there was no other option. She was sick of spending her life always looking over her shoulder because of her past. It was like a large toxic cloud, dictating every decision in her life, and right now, protecting her daughter was first and foremost. Whoever these men were, they needed to be stopped.

Thudding footsteps approached.

She inhaled a deep breath and exhaled. Perspiration dripped from the tip of her pony-tail and slid down her back, chilling her body.

The first man crept past her, his Colt .45 aimed and readied as he headed in the direction where Jayden was hidden. The second man was nowhere in sight.

Raina ran.

Six long strides and her right foot struck the wall first. She sprinted up the side of the brick building, leapt into the air and side-kicked the gun from the man’s hand with such impact it broke his arm. The brutal force of the blow slammed him to the ground. He lay on his side, dazed for a long moment then clutched his fractured and useless appendage.

She grabbed his gun and stood in front of him with the barrel of the weapon trained at his head. Her breath came out in short, forceful rasps. “Who are you?”

The man’s features twisted with pain. He clenched his teeth and shook his head.

She could almost read the man’s mind by the look of surprise in the back of his eyes as he realized he’d just been taken down by a woman who weighed a hundred and twenty pounds.

Raina jabbed the weapon in his forehead and held it there, a reminder she wasn’t playing games. “One last time. Who are you and who sent you?”

He stared at her with fierce dark eyes, as if calculating his next move. A small smile curled the corners of his mouth. He shook his head again.

She pressed the barrel into his skin hard enough to leave an indent. “If you move, you’re dead.”

Another pop.

A bullet hissed past her ear, too close for comfort.

She jumped out of the line of fire and observed the second man zig-zagging through the alley. He looked like an enforcer, overly ripped, his neck the size of his upper thigh. He stopped and ducked behind a discarded wooden door, the top of his large head visible enough for her to get off a clean shot. Then Raina heard her daughter’s gentle sobs. Her eyes instinctively snapped to the bin where Jayden was safely tucked away, out of harm’s way. The child was terrified. Hang on, baby. Just a few more minutes. Guilt flooded her body and her heart squeezed. This was not a situation she wanted her daughter to witness.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement beside her. The man wasn’t going to stay down, apparently determined to fulfill a death wish. She would be more than happy to oblige if it meant keeping her daughter safe.

She whirled and confronted her assailant.

He bounced to his feet and lunged at her.

Her heart rate accelerated. Raw adrenaline shot through her veins, and she fired the weapon.

The bullet penetrated his left eye and bored into his brain, leaving the left side of his skull shattered. His body jerked then fell backwards. What was left of his head bounced like a rubber ball against the ground then finally lopped to one side while his hand lifelessly clung to his weapon.

Raina crouched next to the body and watched Enforcer-guy moving closer, using whatever he could find tossed in the alley to help shield himself.

This time, she wasn’t asking questions first.

She stood and scrambled to the corner of the building, the handle of the Colt .45 gripped tight in her hand.

This needed to end as quickly and quietly as possible. She had to get back to Jayden. The longer they were in the alley the more likely someone would stumble upon them and contact the authorities—trouble Raina didn’t want or need.

She poked her head around the corner. Sweat stung her eyes and slid down the sides of her face. She blinked.

Enforcer-guy fired…

Dawn of the Enemy © 2018 by Kim Cresswell