“I am not generally a fan of short stories. I read full length books because I want all of the details. This book changed my mind.” – Amazon Review

“Having read True Crime since the beginning of the 80s and with over 3000 True Crime books in my shelves…I was like..hmmm True Crime Quickie….why bother…But I was really impressed about the authors detailed accounts of Jack Unterweger and his crimes, it is impressive to get so much information without having to go through several hundred pages. I have read all and anything on Jack Unterweger in both English & German, but here I get it all served on a silver plate.” -Amazon Review

Real Life Evil

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Real Life Evil – A True Crime Quickie (Book One) is a compelling collection of TWO true crime SHORT STORIES. 

“Hiding in Plain Sight” is the chilling account of serial killer Jack Unterweger, one of the most clever, manipulative predators of the twentieth century…and the most dangerous.

“A Message from the Grave” examines the events surrounding the unsolved Gilgo Beach murders, a case which would spawn the largest murder investigation in Long Island, New York’s history as an elusive serial killer continues to elude authorities.

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