The Evil Within (True Crime Series)

The Evil Inside is a collection of eight serial killer short stories for true crime enthusiasts who don’t have time to read lengthy novels.

“Hiding in Plain Sight” is the chilling account of serial killer Jack Unterweger one of the most clever, manipulative predators of the twentieth century…and the most dangerous.

“A Message from the Grave” examines the events surrounding the unsolved Gilgo Beach murders, a case which would spawn the largest murder investigation in Long Island, New York’s history as an elusive serial killer continues to elude authorities.

“Murder on Sunset Strip tells the chilling account of Carol Bundy and Doug Clark, the serial killing duo whose deadly rampage began in 1980 on LA’s sunset strip.

“Garden of Bones’ is the horrifying story of Fred and Rosemary West who kept their deadly secrets buried in the garden at 25 Cromwell Street.

“Edge of Madness examines the story of a knife-wielding shoemaker who killed under the command of Charlie, a floating head.

“Chameleon” is the story of Chester Turner, the serial killer dubbed, “Chester the Molster”.

“Backwoods Murder” is the story of Cody Legebokoff, the baby-faced killer who became one of Canada’s youngest serialkillers…and no one saw it coming.

“Man-Eater” examines the life of Joachim Kroll who sliced flesh steaks from his victim’s bodies and consumed them.

Now available in ebook and paperback!

Coming soon to Audible!


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