Penny Estelle ~ Author of The Wickware Sagas (Middle Grade)

I have a special treat for everyone! Today I’m spotlighting Penny Estelle, author of The Wickware Sagas! If you are looking for a fantastic middle grade series for your kids, make sure you check these books out!

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Good morning Kim and thanks a million for letting me barge in on your blog!

I would like to tell all your readers about my series for the middle grade kids. It’s called The Wickware Sagas. In a nutshell, Miss Wickware, the 7/8 grade history teacher at Langdon Middle School, has her students draw a name or event from a box. Then those students are to do an oral report on their subject. Somehow, some way, a few of these students have ended up back in time meeting their subjects face to face!

It’s the kids of the twenty-first century, going nose to nose, with historical heroes from years of long ago. There is humor, adventure, a little education, and of course, lots of sarcasm. I love a kid with some sarcasm!!!

Book 1 of the Wickware Sagas, Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare, has Billy headed back to the 14 Century! Who the heck is William Tell?

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Book 2, Ride of a Lifetime, has bully Jim Abernathy, landing in the 18 Century, meeting the female version of Paul Revere. He learns just how brave a young girl can be.

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Book 3, Flash to the Past, (which will be out soon) has the snooty, seventh grader, Kristy Sawyer and the nerdy, Larry Peables, headed back to the 18 century. They end up in the middle of a war!

Flash to the Past 200x300

Coming Soon!

MuseItUp Publishing has made a fabulous author page for me with the three books on it. There will be a total of 5 books by summer’s end. It’s an awesome page they have made for me. Please stop by and check it out!

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