Publishers Weekly Review of ICEHAVEN #dystopian #paranormal #Canauthors

I am absolutely thrilled to have received this wonderful review from Publishers Weekly for ICEHAVEN (Sum of all Tears – Book 1)!

“Crime writer Cresswell (Deadly Shadow) and romance author Chester (Tied Together) successfully step into the postapocalyptic genre with this tale of good intentions and terrible results. August Madison is in the audience for the unveiling of her father’s technology to fix Earth’s warming climate when the auditorium comes crashing down on her. When she next opens her eyes, she sees nothing but snow and ice. Soon she learns that she’s somehow come back to life several weeks after the disaster—and that her father’s intended climate repair has instead turned the entire planet to frozen tundra. With new friends, she fights to survive, battling both the weather and other factions looking for supplies. Meanwhile, Coast Guard cadet Brandon Church, a childhood friend of August’s, is stranded with his crew and their fortunately well-stocked ship in the middle of the frozen ocean. They’re rescued by financier Graysen Marx, who helped fund the cooling project, and taken to Liberty, a prototype biodome Graysen created that’s now the only chance of survival on Earth. August and her crew eventually make their way to Liberty, hoping to find peace and safety there, but power goes to Graysen’s head, leading him to make deadly choices. The survivors’ fear and desperation will keep readers engrossed from the beginning. Fans of apocalyptic stories looking for a change from tales of melting ice caps will enjoy this cooler treat.” (BookLife)


Review of 2016 and Happy New Year! #2017


2016 is probably the year most people want to forget. With the loss of so much talent in the film and music industry we were left asking ourselves what the hell happened? I can’t say I ever remember a year filled with so much sadness, heartbreak and disbelief. It is the end of the year and I can finally say, “Goodbye 2016. Get lost. Hit the road. You suck!”.

This past year has taken me on a journey I certainly won’t forget. From horrible medical issues due to Lyme Disease and Bartonella to a personal journey triggered by a “not so wonderful” relationship. The one thing I have learned from 2016 is…it’s amazing what humans can endure and overcome.

I’ve battled through a TIA (mini-stroke), an appendicitis-like event, a gall-bladder from hell (a nasty part I don’t want or need but for some reason doesn’t want to leave me), having to use a cane and walker when my body doesn’t have the strength to stand or walk, fifty plus doctor and specialist appointments, numerous ambulance rides and ER visits, and cancelled gallbladder surgery because I developed pneumonia two days before surgery to end the year on a more disappointing note.

There is some good news, though. The TIA was finally ruled as a TIA-like event likely caused by inflammation due to Lyme and Bartonella and not a true stroke. Although, the left side of my mouth still drops slightly (and no one knows why), I am grateful. Things could have been much worse. As far as my journey after leaving a personal relationship, I have found myself again. I knew I was there all along. It was a struggle to bring myself back. So hurray! I’m back!

Goodbye 2016! You won’t be missed.

This year certainly put roadblocks everywhere but I slayed each one determined to hit most of my goals for the year.

JET: Duplicity, the second Kindle Worlds novella in the Survival series and sequel to JET: Oblivion featuring JET from Russell Blake’s bestselling action/adventure series and characters from my own Whitney Steel series release in May 2016.


Reflection and Retribution, the first two books in the action-packed Whitney Steel series became audiobooks. (Available at Audible, Amazon and iTunes)


Lethal Journey was translated into Spanish (Viaje mortal) and the English audiobook of Lethal journey released in December.


What’s coming in 2017?

The Chinese translation edition of Lethal Journey is translated and will be released early in 2017.

Real Life Evil, Murder on Sunset Strip and Garden of Bones are the first three books in the True Crime Quickie short story series and will be translated into Chinese in 2017.


The much-anticipated 3rd book in the Whitney Steel series – Resurrect will be coming early in the year!

The first book in the Assassin Chronicles series…Deadly Shadow will arrive later in 2017!


There are other secret projects (projects that were started years ago) on the go and exciting deals in the works. So stay tuned because 2017 is going to rock!

Happy New Year! Wishing my friends (new and old), family, readers and fans, a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!